New Plastic Passes Announced for Universal Orlando Annual Passholders

New Plastic Passes Announced for Universal Orlando Annual Passholders

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Last September, we announced the new look of UOAP and celebrated this by giving out magnets to our Passholders featuring the new logo. Side note: If you haven’t gotten your UOAP magnet, stop by Guest Services on your next visit and pick one up!

Now we’re happy to announce that our Universal Orlando Annual Passholders will be getting new, hard plastic passes.

Our Annual Passholders are our most loyal fans, and these new Annual Passes are part of our effort to make the UOAP experience the best it can be. This is also another way that Passholders can recognize each other in the parks and get recognized by our Team Members. New plastic passes announced for Universal Orlando Annual Passholders.The new Annual Passes will be available in three vibrant colors:

  • Power Passes — Purple
  • Preferred Passes — Teal
  • Premier Passes — Yellow

They’re also sturdier than the current passes and will match the updated sleeve you may have already received. If you haven’t already received the new sleeve, it will come with your new Annual Pass.

New Passes will be available at both Universal Orlando Resort theme parks daily during special pick-up times, starting June 3. Here are the details on how to pick up your new Annual Pass:

Location Pick-Up

  • Jurassic Park Discovery Center (outside, lagoon side) – Universal’s Islands of Adventure
  • Café La Bamba (outside, porch) – Universal Studios Florida

Dates Available for Pick-Up

  • Daily: June 3-19

Pick-Up Time

  • 10:00AM – 6:00PM

We thought you might have a few questions that would be frequently asked, so here are our answers:

Do I have to switch from my current pass to a plastic pass?
No, you do not have to switch from your current pass to a new plastic pass. Even if you renew, you can keep your current pass. However, in any event where you want or need to replace your pass (e.g.: if it’s lost or stolen), you will receive a plastic pass and must surrender your current pass.

Can I keep my paper pass and get a plastic pass, so I can use either pass to enter the parks?
If you choose to get a plastic pass, you will need to surrender your current pass and it will become inactive.

How much will it cost for me to get a plastic pass?
There will be no cost for you to get your new pass.

Where will I be able to switch out my pass?
Daily from June 3 through June 19, you can pick up your new plastic pass at the Café La Bamba (outside patio) at Universal Studios or the Jurassic Park Discovery Center landing (outside) at Islands of Adventure between 10am and 6pm.

Can I bring my family member’s pass to switch out or do they have to be present?
All Passholders must be present with their ID in order to receive their new pass.

How do I get my plastic pass if I can’t make the June 3-19 pick-up dates?
After June 19, you can pick up your new plastic pass at the Group Sales window at Islands of Adventure between 9am and 4pm daily.

For more information, visit the Annual Passholder page. And if you haven’t already, make sure to join the Annual Passholder Facebook Group for up-to-date news and to connect with fellow passholders. New plastic passes announced for Universal Orlando Annual Passholders.

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  1. Diane J Holmes

    If I’m not planning to go to Universal until Sept. Can I still get my new passes than? And where do. I pick them up from?

  2. William lawrance

    I’m curious also about how we can get the plastic after the dates listed. We’re coming back down June 22nd and are super excited to get a plastic pass and go get on a water ride and watch it get wet and be ok, lol. Thanks and love everything yall do

    • Jon

      You can go to Group Sales at Islands of Adventure to pick up your new pass between 9 AM and 4 PM daily.

  3. Franc

    This is great news! We won’t be back to Orlando until November, will be be able to get new passes then or will we have missed our opportunity. The post only mentions dates in June.

    • Austin

      Franc, I tweeted the official Universal Orlando account asking them this, because while I am in Central Florida, I won’t be able to go on those dates.

      The parks’ social media team correspondent responded by saying that any time other than the dates mentioned, you can pick them up at the group service windows outside Islands of Adventure.

      Not sure if the blog allows links, but here is the link in case it does:

  4. Eric

    Do I have to swap out my plastic pass I have had since 2006 for this new plastic pass?

    Why did you guys get so cheap for 9 years anyway?

    • Jon

      No you can keep you existing pass if you want to. If you ever have to replace a lost pass, you will be given the new plastic one instead. And you cannot have both your current pass and the new one. If you want the new one, you must surrender your current pass, otherwise just keep your current plastic pass that you have.

  5. Dianna Davis

    Thank you so much for the plastic passes! I am happy to have the plastic pass. I don’t need a keyfob, character on the pass or anything special. To me, the pass itself is special!!

  6. Karen Lynne

    We are current annual pass holders and we will be out of town during the time you are distributing the new passes. How do we get the new passes?

  7. Jody

    This was part of the FAQs

    How do I get my plastic pass if I can’t make the June 3-19 pick-up dates?
    After June 19, you can pick up your new plastic pass at the Group Sales window at Islands of Adventure between 9am and 4pm daily.

  8. Hector Martinez

    My family still has the old plastic passes with our photographs on it.
    We have been annual pass holder a very very long time. The pictutres
    of our kids are when they were small children and now they are 20 and 22.
    Really like having our current passes. Will our current passes be required
    to be changed since they use very old scanning methods?

    • Jon

      No you can keep those if you like those better. Otherwise you have to turn in your exiting pass to get the new one.

  9. Brian Seekford

    Plastic = Awesome.
    Front of pass = boring!!!!!!

    I would have preferred having KONG, Harry Potter, Transformers, etc on the front. Something to differentiate each family members pass. Like Disney did with their characters.

    I hope you guys didn’t spend much money on researching these boring things.

  10. Will G.

    Wow, the return of plastic annual passes. I remember my first Universal Annual pass; it was a plastic one with an ID picture of you on it. I still have it as a souvenir keepsake.

  11. Esteban Morua,Jr.

    great idea, its about time 🙂

  12. Gus

    could do to upgrade my power annual pass??

  13. jacqueline cadiz

    Hi I recently upgraded my passport but I haven’t received my new cards. also, can you please tell me what I updated for?

  14. Alan

    I have a premier pass and just learned about this when I was searching for dates we can use it for HHN. I know you can’t do everything and honestly don’t expect you to but why don’t you send out email notifications for these kind of things. I’ve missed a few things like because I didn’t knw about I was at the park on the day the HHN store opened for Pass holders and missed it. Also, why don’t the gate attendents mention it one days things are not so busy. I’ve had multiple issues with my paper ticket (I can’t log on because the number is partially blocked out on my paper pass so I have to call. I was given what was supposed to be the proper prefix but it doesn’t work.) Over all this really is minor items but it honestly would be nice to be able to learn about these kind of things in other ways instead of accidentally running into thing when you are searching for other info on the webpage.

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