6 Butterbeer Treats Every Harry Potter Fan Must Try in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

6 Butterbeer Treats Every Harry Potter Fan Must Try in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

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When I’m binge reading the Harry Potter series or hibernating over the weekend with a full-on Harry Potter movie marathon, there’s nothing I want more than Butterbeer. Luckily, Universal Orlando’s culinary team has brought this flavor to life for fans to enjoy in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

When people think of Butterbeer at Universal Orlando Resort, usually the first thing that comes to mind is our popular cold frothy beverage. However, there are a few other Butterbeer concoctions in the wizarding world that are also absolutely great.

First, let’s start with the classic cold, frozen and hot beverages.

Cold Butterbeer

Butter Beer at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

For those of you who haven’t tried cold Butterbeer yet, your taste buds are missing out. This refreshing beverage has a nice fizzy feeling combined with a sweet taste reminiscent of butterscotch and shortbread.

One of my favorite things about cold Butterbeer is the awesome foam mustache you get while drinking this. Next time you’re visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter with your friends and family, see who in the group has the best Butterbeer mustache!

Available in:

Frozen Butterbeer

Frozen Butterbeer at Universal Orlando

This is the smooth, cold beverage you’ve always wanted – especially during those hot summer months. This drink has a flavor that tastes like shortbread and butterscotch served with a whipped topping.

This fan-favorite is the only Butterbeer beverage served with a straw because of its icy cool texture, which is perfect for savoring every last sip. Although it felt like an impossible decision to make, I’m on team frozen Butterbeer.

Available in:

  • Diagon Alley: Leaky Cauldron, The Hopping Pot
  • Hogsmeade: Three Broomsticks, Hog’s Head pub and Butterbeer street carts

Don’t forget your souvenir mug. You can get cold and frozen Butterbeer served in a special themed Butterbeer mug exclusive to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Hot Butterbeer

Hot Butterbeer at Universal Orlando

Hot Butterbeer is a dream come true. When the weather gets chilly, a cup of this warms you right up. The seasonal drink has the same flavor reminiscent of shortbread and butterscotch you know and love.

Available in:

  • Diagon Alley: Leaky Cauldron
  • Hogsmeade: Three Broomsticks

*Hot Butterbeer is a seasonal beverage available during the winter season

Now, on to a few other delicious Butterbeer-inspired specialties!

Butterbeer Potted Cream

Butterbeer Potted Cream at Universal Orlando

This sweet treat is a traditional British fare with a Harry Potter inspired twist.

I’ve never had potted cream before, but as soon as I tasted my first spoonful I immediately fell in love with the smooth, creamy texture. It’s the perfect dessert.

Available in:

  • Diagon Alley: Leaky Cauldron
  • Hogsmeade: Three Broomsticks

Butterbeer Fudge


I’m a huge fan of fudge, so this was one of the Butterbeer treats I was most excited to try. I have to say, it lived up to the hype.

This treat has two layers that taste like shortbread and butterscotch, which combined make Butterbeer fudgy goodness. It’s the perfect amount of sweetness that I enjoyed until the very last bite.

Available in:

Butterbeer Soft Serve Ice-Cream

Butterbeer Ice Cream at Universal Orlando

As if ice-cream isn`t already wonderful enough, add Butterbeer flavor to the mix and you’ve got yourself an addicting new favorite. This soft-serve tastes like vanilla and butterscotch swirled to perfection. My only complaint is I can’t purchase it by the gallon!

I recently learned this treat is served in multiple locations around The Wizarding World of Harry Potter so whether you’re in Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade you can indulge in this delicious ice-cream throughout the day.

Available in:

What’s your favorite type of Butterbeer? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. YodisMatt

    I normally keep to the cold draft, whereas my wife enjoys it frozen. Our next trip, which is fast approaching, we can’t wait to try it warm. We will also take on the mission of trying everything there is Butterbeer flavor wise.

  2. Ruth Doiron

    We only tried the Butterbeer so far. I didn’t know about the cream or the fudge and I don’t think there was the icecream when we were there or we would have got it!!! We did get icecream at Florean Fortescue’s. I loved the frozen Butterbeer and my daughter loves the cold Butterbeer! We will try all when we go back!

  3. Susie Heim

    Frozen Butterbeer was my favorite! I tried them all, except Hot Butterbeer. Wasn’t in season. I feel like I need to make a special trip now to try it! Can’t wait!

  4. mik

    need to go back I didnt get the ice cream warm butterbeer fudge

  5. Diane Cunningham

    I love all of the above mentioned butterbeer. I do have some advice, if you buy the fudge to take home take it out of your bag at the airport or you may be pulled pour of line and your bag searched.

  6. The Cornett Family

    My husband and I love the frozen Butterbeer. It is the highlight of going to Universal. I only wish it was sold outside of the parks in City Walk so we could enjoy it anytime during our stay.

  7. Katie

    Hot butterbeer is honestly the best flavor of the three drinks, why can’t it be year round? I’d buy more butterbeer if I could drink it all the time!

  8. Rebecca

    Hot Hot Hot! I love the hot and it just came back this week and it is a chilly day today!

  9. Cassie

    I actually haven’t been able to try any of them 😩 But I am dying to try all of them…especially the Butterbeer Soft Serve Ice Cream! #readyforuniversal

  10. FeliciaR

    I know butterbeer is gluten free. Please tell me all these other treats are too! I have celiac daughters dying to try some.

  11. Gaea Holub

    I’m Diabetic, Do they have sugar free butterbeer at all?

  12. Eric Stoen

    Hot butterbeer is the best! I highly recommend picking one up and then walking over to Starbucks and adding a shot of espresso. It makes it even better! Would love for Universal to sell it like that.

  13. Jillian

    My favorite? Butterbeer float.

    Cold butterbeer with butterbeer ice cream dropped in it. You need to bring your own drinking cup cause the one you get for the cold butterbeer isn’t big enough, but totally worth it.

  14. Julie badger

    Is any of the butterbeer treats gluten free

  15. Miasys

    Haven’t tried the potted cream yet but plan to on our next trip. I can testify to the deliciousness of all 3 butterbeer drinks, as well as the ice cream. Frozen butterbeer is magical. The butterbeer fudge, however, is made of nope. 5/6 ain’t bad tho.

  16. Matthew

    My favorite is hot Butterbeer with a shot of Fire Whiskey. They seem to have started carrying hot Butterbeer at USH year round. Unfortunately they don’t have the soft serve at USH.

  17. Ravenclaw Julie

    I love the soft serve so so much!

  18. Hi Annmarie!

    Thank you for your feedback, and we will be sure to document it. If you would like to provide further feedback, please give us a call at 407-224-4233 option 4.

  19. Annmarie

    Hot butterbeer in season should be sold at another location rather than Leaky Cauldron & Three Broomsticks. This way those who do not want to purchase food do not have to wait in line to purchase a drink. What could work there is a separate ine fot that beverage, we waited 30 minutes to buy a hot butterbeer.

    • Universalislander

      We’ve bought hot butter beer (and cold too) at the Hogs Head pub and the Hopping Pot.

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