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  • Aaron Chiz
    Aaron Chiz
    Hi, my name is Aaron and I'm part of the Content Engagement team. My grandma thinks I'm hilarious. Want to get ice cream sometime? No? Okay.

  • Alex Baackes
    Alex Baackes
    A New York native but a Florida fanatic, Blog Squad member Alex is the world traveler, photographer, and storyteller who's been trotting the globe for six years and counting. You can find her obsessing over travel, design, sustainability, and adventure at alexinwanderland.com.

  • Ali Beemer
    Ali Beemer
    A PR Professional. A UCF grad. A quirky fashionista. An avid Halloween Horror Nights fan. A roller coaster fanatic. A girl on a mission. Follow the madness @AliBUOR

  • Alicia Civita
    Alicia Civita
    Blogger and mother of two boys, Alicia Civita is passionate about the topics that relate to Latinos and their families. When she is not writing on her blog Life a la Latina or chasing after her 9 and 13 year-old children, she has been known to enjoy a good telenovela, reading about politics and everything Minions.

  • Alyson Lundell
    Alyson Lundell
    Alyson Lundell is a roller coaster junkie, thanks to her father, and gets completely choked up during a good fireworks show. According to her two boys, she is the coolest mom around because she gets to rub elbows every day with Spider-Man, Gru and the adorable Minions. Follow her @AlysonUOR.

  • Ana Vallés
    Ana Vallés
    Ana was born and raised in Venezuela and joined our team as a communications coordinator. She loves to work out, sing in the shower, cook delicious meals and curl up with a good book.

  • Angie Orth
    Angie Orth
    Angie is a globe trekking journalist, blogger, social media strategist and public relations consultant. She’s passionate about Shark Week, the Florida Gators, trying everything at least once and storytelling at angieaway.com.

  • Anthony Armenia
    Anthony Armenia
    UCF Knight interning at Universal Orlando Resort. Blogging and producing videos on the daily. Huge theme park fan who likes traveling, writing, movies and music. HHN Superfan.

  • Ashley Thomas
    Ashley Thomas
    Ashley spends her weekdays as a Marketing Manager with Consumer Brand Management at Universal Orlando and her weekends training to save the world through escape games. She loves laughing loudly, ghost tours, movie references and her favorite ride which is, unapologetically, E.T. Adventure®.

  • Ashlynn Webb
    Ashlynn Webb
    Public Relations Coordinator. University of Central Florida Alumni. Harry Potter Fangirl. Living the Weasley life as a Hufflepuff.

  • Barb Bowden
    Barb Bowden
    Barb Bowden is the Complex Managing Director for Loews Sapphire Falls Resort and Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando Resort. A hotelier her entire career, she is the mother of two grown children and one very spoiled dog named Lucky.

  • Bella Collado
    Bella Collado
    As a a UCF student and communications intern at Universal Orlando, Bella is spending the semester exploring the world of blogging and video production. She also lives for chocolate, traveling, tea-time, writing and binge-watching shows.

  • Amy "Birdie" Bobryk
    Amy "Birdie" Bobryk
    Originally from Oklahoma, Amy “Birdie” Bobryk can now be found fluttering around just about anywhere at Universal Orlando Resort working on the Social Media team. A seasoned traveler and sports fan, Birdie’s wanderlust is satisfied by going on adventures, playing outside, and trying new restaurants.

  • Bodie Abbott
    Bodie Abbott
    Bodie Abbott is a California native who lives for adventures, unexpected surprises and gummy candies. Bodie joined the Universal Orlando team for the chance to move across the country and to experience a different way of life.

  • Brittany Baron
    Brittany Baron
    Brittany Baron is a public relations representative at Universal Orlando Resort and proud owner of a beloved Yorkie-Poo. She loves traveling and good food, roots for the Tarheels and counts down the days until Halloween Horror Nights begins. Follow Brittany at @BrittanyUOR.

  • Chef Robert Martinez, Jr.
    Chef Robert Martinez, Jr.
    A native of Brooklyn, New York, Chef Robert Martinez, Jr. began his career at Universal 16 years ago as a prep cook at Boulangerie and has cooked his way through many different ktichens. Chef Robert is a 7-time ACF Gold medalist and currently leads the Culinary Research & Development team, developing countless menus for many of Universal Orlando’s innovative culinary experiences. He enjoys exploring the local Orlando food scene and Cuban coffees in his time off.

  • Christina Heflin
    Christina Heflin
    Central Florida native, Christina is a life-long fan of Universal Orlando. Outside of working for the world’s best theme park destination, you’ll find her hiking in the mountains, sipping on wine, eating at local restaurants, cuddling with her cat, or rooting for her alma mater UCF – Go Knights!

  • Christine Bonvini
    Christine Bonvini
    Christine Bonvini is the Assistant Manager of Public Relations for Loews Hotels at Universal Orlando. Previously a member of the most rockin’ band in Orlando, this Hard Rocker still finds time to jam out even when away from The Rock. She has an insatiable desire to find the world’s best chicken wings and will not rest until the job is done!

  • Daniel Brunenmeister
    Daniel Brunenmeister
    Originally from Akron, Ohio, Daniel is a student at the University of Central Florida, as well as the Content Engagement Intern for Universal Orlando.

  • Daniel Pacchioni
    Daniel Pacchioni
    Content Strategist and Professional Curious Person at Universal Orlando Resort. "Curious George ain’t got nothin on him" - Denzel Washington. Loves made up quotes, Koala Bears, the Arts, and Matcha Tea.

  • Darius Gilanfar
    Darius Gilanfar
    Darius is the Senior Vice President of Revenue Operations for Universal CityWalk. For over 30 years, he has worked to provide a progressive food & beverage experience to guests.

  • Derek
    Derek is a member of the Universal Orlando Content + Engagement Team. Imported from Detroit with a passion for storytelling, filmmaking, and adventure.

  • Doug Boemler Wareing
    Doug Boemler Wareing
    Currently embedded as Manager, Content Strategy and Development at Universal Orlando Resort. Likes doughnuts way too much. If you like the occasional behind-the-scenes tweet, follow him @DougDubsUOR.

  • Elyssa Martinez
    Elyssa Martinez
    Elyssa started her adventure at Universal Orlando working at the on-site hotels by the pool, at the front desk and VIP service before making the jump over to the Resort Marketing team. Originally from Connecticut, Elyssa now enjoys Florida as a travel junkie, roller coaster enthusiast, music lover, salsa dancer, and mom to a rescued pup named Reggie.

  • Eric Stoen
    Eric Stoen
    Blog Squad member Eric is a family travel writer and award-winning photographer who has traveled to 80+ countries and all 7 continents. He lets each of his three kids choose any destination in the world every year for one-on-one trips and posts about their adventures at travelbabbo.com.

  • Enrique Brao
    Enrique Brao
    Enrique is part of the social media team and loves to travel. Some of his other passions are fútbol, pocket squares, and photography.

  • Freddy Flynn
    Freddy Flynn
    Freddy Flynn, Sr. Director of the Best Event Sales Team in the M&E Industry. Freddy's passion for his Sales Team is second only to the love for his family. In his downtime, Freddy enjoys spending time at the ball field.

  • Gia Manieri
    Gia Manieri
    Gia Manieri is a Communications student at Rollins College and a PR Intern at Universal Orlando Resort. She is thrilled to be a part of the UOR team, and her perfect day is spent riding roller coasters in the parks!

  • Hailey Fitch
    Hailey Fitch
    Hailey Fitch is a Public Relations Representative for Universal Orlando. When she isn’t obsessing over when to use the oxford comma, you can find her geeking out over super heroes, planning her next travel adventure and drinking wine on the couch. Hailey is a coffee addict and a proud New Yorker.

  • Heather Hamel
    Heather Hamel
    Heather Hamel is a senior at the University of Central Florida and the PR intern for #TeamContent at Universal Orlando. In the 25th hour, you'll find Heather giving wings, geeking out over all things tech, lost in a good book or travelling to music festivals.

  • Jadie Ferreira
    Jadie Ferreira
    Jadie is an Advertising-Public Relations student at UCF and a social media Intern at Universal Orlando Resort. Besides spending all her free time at theme parks, she enjoys keeping up with pop culture, snapchatting her dog and binge-watching new shows.

  • Jaslyn Ferguson
    Jaslyn Ferguson
    Lover of all things creative. Chronic doodler. Dreamer of the dream. If she isn’t zooming around Orlando in her 87 Cadillac Allante, you can find Jaslyn cooking up content for Universal Orlando Resort’s Social Media team.

  • Jason Horne
    Jason Horne
    Writer. Director. Actor. Fan of Orlando City Soccer Club. Show Director with Creative Development at Universal Orlando Resort.

  • Jason Surrell
    Jason Surrell
    Jason began his entertainment career as part of the creative team that developed Halloween Horror Nights into the phenomenon it is today. He has written and directed countless attractions, live shows and events over the past 20 years. He is currently a Creative Director at Universal Creative.

  • Jeannie Rivera
    Jeannie Rivera
    Originally from Puerto Rico, she is a mom, journalist and karaoke singer who loves wine and foreign films. She tries to eat healthy and stay fit whenever her schedules allows it. Jeannie loves theme parks and all things travel.

  • Jimi Kunkel
    Jimi Kunkel
    Jimi Kunkel is a Universal Orlando team member on the Content Engagement Team. He is an admitted music and movie snob and tortured fan of the New York Jets. His favorite all-time Universal Orlando attraction is The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera.

  • Jimmy Clarity
    Jimmy Clarity
    Jimmy Clarity is a chocolate addict and Antiques Roadshow enthusiast cutting his teeth in the PR world as part of the Universal Orlando Resort team. When he’s not polishing off a bag of Peanut M&Ms, you can find him on the bike trails or throwing Frisbees at the dog park.

  • Juan C. Fajardo
    Juan C. Fajardo
    International PR intern at Universal Orlando Resort. Senior student at Rollins College, adventure seeker, music lover, and needs to travel in order to survive. Juan is an import from Bogotá, Colombia, and yes it’s Colombia, not Columbia.

  • Julia Stewart
    Julia Stewart is a food loving mom of two and lifestyle blogger based in Florida. Her happy place is hanging out with her family, enjoying spectacularly comforting food, and sharing those experiences on livepretty.com.

  • Juliette Gebken-Mayi
    Juliette Gebken-Mayi
    As part of Universal Orlando Resort’s PR team, Juliette Gebken-Mayi focuses on the Latin American market. A native of Puerto Rico, her favorite activities include spending time with family & friends, exercising to the rhythm of Zumba and learning about new cultures. Follow her at @JulietteUOR.

  • Kaitlin Blanton
    Kaitlin Blanton
    Kaitlin Blanton is a Public Relations Intern for Universal Orlando. She’s a Florida native who daydreams about cold weather. When she’s not interning for the coolest theme park around, you can find her planning her next trip, tweeting, binge-watching 30 Rock and staying up to date with the latest celebrity news.

  • Kalee Simpson
    Kalee Simpson
    PR intern. UCF grad student. Vol for Life. Orlando native that ventured to the mountains of Tennessee for college, but ultimately decided Florida is her home sweet home.

  • Kara Burnham
    Kara Burnham
    Television Development for Universal Orlando Resort. Lover of travel, sports, and trashy reality television. Probably out in the parks on a shoot.

  • Katelyn Darrow
    Katelyn Darrow
    Katelyn Darrow is a blogger for several media outlets, including Huffington Post. She can also be found on the airwaves as a radio host for Express Yourself Teen Radio. When Katelyn isn't reporting, you can find her volunteering at Angels of God Community Outreach, the charity she started.

  • Kathy Cattoor
    Kathy Cattoor
    Kathy is the Vice President of Resort Sales at Universal Orlando Resort. In between overseeing all group business at our on-site hotels, you can find her on Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit or enjoying a meal at The Cowfish!

  • Kelsey Shea Weinrich
    Kelsey Shea Weinrich
    A native of St. Louis, Kelsey has lived coast to coast in San Francisco and New York. She is a theatre kid turned social media professional who now enjoys telling stories online with the Universal Orlando social media team.

  • Kevin Gibson
    Kevin Gibson
    Based in our London office, Kevin couldn’t have been more excited when he was given his Universal Orlando badge in early 2014 and celebrated by jumping on his bike in a bright red sweatshirt with his alien friend in the basket. (Wait. That’s the plot for E.T.) He is an avid fan of American TV, 90’s pop culture and fried chicken.

  • Kristen Clark
    Kristen Clark
    Kristen Clark is a PR pro who loves being creative and finding ways to insert dancing into everyday life. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, exercising, eating Oreos and reading funny memes that make her laugh until she either cries or can’t breathe. Follow her @KristenUOR.

  • Kristen Manieri
    Kristen Manieri
    Kristen Manieri is the founder and editor of the Orlando Date Night Guide, a website designed to give local and visiting couples recommendations for dinner, drinks and activities in the Orlando area.

  • Larry Rhodes
    Larry Rhodes
    Larry is the Manager of Social Media at Universal Orlando Resort, where he and his team work every day to create experiences that Fans won't find anywhere else.

  • Laura Dossett
    Laura Dossett
    Laura is a proud USC grad. She lives off of gallons of coffee, pounds of Sour Patch Kids and dozens of daily hugs from her black lab Riley. Avid football fan. Fight On!

  • Marcos Barros
    Marcos Barros
    Marcos is the Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Latin America at Universal Orlando Resort. He is originally from Brazil.

  • Matt Giacalone
    Matt Giacalone
    Social media’er by day, passionate musician by night. Hopes to one day see the I-IV-V progression retire. Sun Ra came from Saturn.

  • Melissa Baumgaertner
    Melissa Baumgaertner
    Professional. Artist. Dog owner. Coffee lover. Originally from South Dakota, Melissa Baumgaertner now tweets, posts and thinks creatively for the Universal Orlando Resort Social Media team.

  • Meredith Bandy
    Meredith Bandy
    A native of Philadelphia, Meredith Bandy is part of the Event Sales team at Universal Orlando Resort. She’s passionate about traveling, the Philadelphia Eagles, good food, hanging out with her friends and family and finding the inspiration and beauty in everyday life. Follow her @MeredithUOR.

  • Michelle Russo
    Michelle Russo
    Michelle is Strategist, Content Engagement at Universal Orlando Resort. With a great sense of adventure, she has spent time at Universal Orlando Resort as a lab assistant, shark fighting skipper and loyal student at Hogwarts. She has a conflicting passion for yoga and doughnuts.

  • Mollie Collins
    Mollie Collins
    PR Content Intern at Universal Orlando. Small-town IN native still adjusting to FL humidity. Passionate about storytelling, The Office, and all things meme-worthy. Can be found acting “surprised” at a froyo counter that she got $8 worth of toppings.

  • Nathalia Romano
    Nathalia Romano
    Nathalia is a UCF senior who loves pop culture and watches way too much television. She is living the dream interning at Universal Orlando with the PR team.

  • Nathalie Franco
    Nathalie Franco
    Public Relations Trade Intern at the coolest theme park in the universe. Passionate about being a Slytherin and eating tacos. Forever waiting for an *NSYNC reunion tour. In my free time, you'll find me writing creative stories or taking photos of my cat.

  • Nick Linguanti
    Nick Linguanti
    Nick began his career at Universal 14 years ago as a JAWS Skipper, and has worked in Guest Services, VIP Tours, Universal Creative, and now New Attraction Development. A huge fan of tech and gadgets, Nick is part of the team that designs + deploys cutting edge technology for rides and experiences.

  • Pat Tracey
    Pat Tracey
    Sr Manager Event Sales and Product Development and all around park fan; theme parks, national parks, car parks, etc. When not roaming his favorite park (at Universal Orlando) Pat enjoys noodling on his guitar, college football and traveling.

  • Raisa Rivas Español
    Raisa Rivas Español
    Raisa Rivas Español is a writer and blogger who specializes in travel and lifestyle. A theme park enthusiast, she founded and runs parquestematicosdeorlando.com. When she is not taking selfies with characters, she is often found cruising the world.

  • Ryan Glaze
    Ryan Glaze
    Ryan is an intern on Universal Orlando's Social Media team. He is pursuing his second bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Public Relations at UCF. He likes to go to the beach, the gym, or watch HGTV and pretend he's good at DIY projects.

  • Sarah Porter
    Sarah Porter
    Sarah is a Senior Public Relations Representative for Universal Orlando. When she isn’t PR-ing the world’s finest theme park destination, she’s likely off exploring her other favorite travel spots, trying out a new restaurant, enjoying the outdoors or cheering on the Florida State Seminoles.

  • Stephanie Dominguez
    Stephanie Dominguez
    Strategic Storyteller. Charismatically Awkward. Proud UCF Grad from the Ad & PR program. Saving the world, one tweet at a time with the Universal Orlando Resort’s Content Engagement team.

  • Taylor Maloney
    Taylor Maloney
    Orlando native. Theme park nerd. Harry Potter fanatic and proud Gryffindor. University of Florida alum (Go Gators).

  • Teresa Crews
    Teresa Crews
    Teresa Crews leads the development of education programs at Universal Orlando Resort. A former Florida Educator and advocate of blending Arts education with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, Teresa is dedicated mom of two artsy and sciencey kids.

  • Tiany Sousa Garnica
    Tiany Sousa Garnica
    UCF Knight! Made in Venezuela. SpongeBob SquarePants fan.

  • TJ Mannarino
    TJ Mannarino
    TJ has enjoyed being a part of UOR Entertainment for close to 20 years. He has been amazed watching the parks grow over the years, and he has enjoyed having fun working with highly talented Designers, Show Directors, Character Creators, and Producers in his role as the Senior Director of Art & Design.

  • Tom Schroder
    Tom Schroder
    Tom witnessed the birth of a destination, joining Universal Orlando Resort in time to help launch Universal’s Islands of Adventure, Universal CityWalk and its first on-site hotels. And after all these years, it is still life at full speed – both for him and for Universal. Follow Tom @TomSchroderUOR.

  • Vince LaRuffa
    Vince LaRuffa
    Vince is the Senior Vice President of Resort Sales & Marketing, overseeing the success of the Loews Hotels at Universal Orlando Resort. In his downtime, Vince is an avid art and antique collector.

  • Wendy Sanchez
    Wendy Sanchez
    Wendy has been with Universal Orlando Resort for 13 years and is part of the Media & Promotions team. Besides being a passionate Hello Kitty fan; she enjoys traveling, shopping, rollerblading and spending time with family & friends. Wendy is a sushi addict and proud New England native.

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