5 Vacation Hacks for Avoiding Crowds at Universal Orlando Resort

5 Vacation Hacks for Avoiding Crowds at Universal Orlando Resort

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Always on the lookout for the biggest and best? You’ve come to the right place. Not only is Universal Orlando Resort the ultimate destination for your next-level vacation, but we’re about to tell you how to maximize your time here.

Universal Orlando Resort Vacation Hacks

Stay on property to get free Universal Express Access

The biggest reason to stay on property: three of Universal Orlando’s on-site hotels offer free Universal Express access for everyone in your party. That means you’ll get to skip the regular lines at all participating rides and attractions. It’s an amazing value; you’re going to want to take advantage of this one.

Universal Orlando Resort Vacation Hacks

Don’t ride the first thing you see

Most guests will enter through the front gates and head to the nearest attraction. Zig when they zag – head to the back, then work your way forward.

Universal Orlando Resort Vacation Hacks

Eat outside of the 11 am – 1 pm lunch window

Most people head to the in-park eateries during this window of time. Because it’s lunch! Plan to snack before or eat a late lunch and you’ll have a bit more of the place to yourself.

Universal Orlando Resort Vacation Hacks

Enter Universal Studios Florida through the “secret entrance”

Did you know there’s a second park entrance to Universal Studios Florida near the Blue Man Group theatre? Head in that direction and get to the rides that much faster.

Universal Orlando Resort Vacation Hacks

Use child swap

Those with kids who can’t or don’t want to go on specific rides can use child swap to keep from waiting in line twice. One parent stays with the child while the other rides, and then you switch. Ask the greeter at the front of the attraction to get you set up.

What hacks do you like to use when you visit Universal Orlando Resort? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Chad

    New ride Kong skull island … avoid the long line , use “single rider” line . This hack will not work with most rides hoping to ride with your party . But this long ride is a large old school bus ride that seats a lot of people at one time , your chances of riding with your party from the single rider line is a 90% chance . This saved us 1.5 hrs of wait time

    • Mike F

      If you are in the single rider line don’t expect to ride with your entire family. I hate people that will argue with the attendant that they need to ride with someone else that is also in the single rider line. They do announce that if you are in the single rider line you will not be riding with another person in the single rider line. One guy insisted that he ride with his son. He held up the entire ride. He was finally told that either get on the ride or his son get on the ride or get in the regular line and wait again. He left the line and did not go on the ride and was applauded when he left. Know what each line is for. Single rider is not the express line.

  2. kellie mccutcheon

    Go to guest services and tell them about an exceptionally great experience with one of their staff and name the member of staff. The staff member gets an award and you will get a pass to jump to the front of the queue on your next ride.

  3. @GoWithTheHeart

    If you plan on going for more than four days and want to stay at and on-site hotel buy annual passes. It cost just as much as 5 days at park but you will get an average savings of 10-30% off the on-site hotels with code APH (Annual Pass Holder), 10% off almost any universal store, and it’s good for a year! Blackout dates apply on the cheaper one but well worth the investment!

  4. pam

    HA!! Been using the “secret” entrance for years but the last time we were there it wasnt there for some reason. Being a premier pass holder for years we have figured out other great things too when navigating the parks. We usually stay at Royal Pacific Resort and get the expresses but the last 3 times we stayed at Sapphire Falls and they dont have expresses and it didnt matter. not only did we go at a time when it wasnt super busy we figured out what time to go to certain attractions where there wasnt more than a 10 minute wait. That has proven to be tried and true for us

    • PJ

      The secret enterance is still there, it only opens after 11am

    • Vanessa

      Thanks Pam! We, too always stay at Royal Pacific because we love it so much and for the passes! We’ve been wanting to try Sapphire Falls but are scared we will regret not having the fast passes when we go with our 5 and 6 year old…you think it’s worth it??

  5. Nanci Hernandez

    We usually go end of August, that’s when most kids/families in the South go back to school. We literally went on revenge of the mummy 3 times back to back because there was no line at all what so ever.

    • maria

      we are travelling there at the end of august hope this is the same for us

  6. mre

    I tried the Child Swap feature and couldn’t get anyone to swap their children for mine. Isn’t that the way it works? Ha Ha